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The Confederacy Still Exists

From Rebel With A Clue:


The Confederacy Still Exists

General Robert E. Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox, VA. On April 9, 1865, Lee only surrendered this army, the rest of the Confederate forces decision to surrender was left up to their commanders. Lee and the rest of the commanders only had authority over these commands not over the Confederate States Government.

CSA President Jefferson Davis never surrendered, and no articles for surrender of the Government were ever drawn up. Jefferson Davis was not a citizen of the United States at the time nor did he ever accept his citizenship to the U.S. back because doing so would have been surrendering the Confederate Government. Now if the U.S. was fighting a war against non-U.S. citizens (The Confederacy) then how could it have been a Civil War as a Civil War is an uprising of people within their own country? The War For Southern Independence began when Lincoln sent troops to block our ports and refused negotiations to surrender a Federal Garrison at Ft. Sumter forcing Confederate Forces to fire on them.

After the surrender Southerners were forced to sign an oath of allegiance to the Union, which is an individual act and not one that reflects on the Confederate Government. The South was occupied by Federal troops then and the only way to survive for a lot was to sign the oath. The only people who had the authority to surrender the Confederate Government were the people in power such as the non U.S. citizen President Jefferson Davis, so if he wasn't a citizen how could he have been over a Government fighting their own country and if he never regained citizenship, how could he have given up on the Confederacy and why would he make statements such as "The contest is not over, the strife is not ended. It has only entered upon a new and enlarged arena", some sixteen years after the war was over?

The Confederacy is still in existence, we have no officials in office because we are an occupied country at this time. Our Armies did surrender but the Government never did, our passions and beliefs in the Cause of The Confederacy are still strong and we will continue to teach the truth as we have learned in spite of the victor's version of history. This contest is not over and we will never bow to the Political Correctness that is fighting hard to erase our Confederate Heritage.

The Confederacy still lives in the hearts and minds of true Southern minded folks, this issue can be debated from now on but end result is "Too many of our Nobel Forefathers stood for the Cause of The Confederacy for it to have been unjust" and as President Jefferson Davis stated "All we ask is to be let alone". The Confederate States of America would be fully staffed and thriving as a nation had Lincoln only allowed us to go in peace, we are now an occupied nation and no matter how you look at it the Confederacy does exist.

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