Friday, August 13, 2010

Spanish Confederates: The Carlistas

From SLMN News Blog:

13 August 2010Spanish Confederates - Carlistas

In the 1800s, Spanish patriots (who were traditionalists, decentralists and Christians) fought the Leftists in three civil wars for control of the country. Unfortunately, despite heroic efforts on their part, the outnumbered and outgunned Carlistas lost all three wars to the ruling Leftists.

In the 1860s, when Dixie was under invasion from the US, the Carlistas saw in the Confederates a natural ally. Many of them (the exact number is unknown but many hundred at least and possibly several thousand) crossed the Atlantic Ocean and fought with the South against the Yankee invaders.

The Carlistas were famous for their red berets and their St Andrew's cross. They remain a patriotic force in Spain. Though their numbers are fewer today, they are focusing on raising larger and more grounded generations of patriots to carry on the struggle in the future.

Click here for lots more information on the connection between the Carlistas and the Confederates.

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