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David O Dodd Memorial And GEC Meeting Slated For 8 January 2011

From Arkansas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans:

Dec 26, 2010 (15 hours ago)David O. Dodd Memorial and GEC Meeting Slated For January 8, 2011from Arkansas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans by Web MasterGentlemen of the SCV Arkansas Division:

Just a reminder about January 8, 2011. The David O. Dodd Memorial will be held at Mt. Holly Cemetery and the Arkansas Division Executive Council will meet after that event.

Here is the general outline for the Dodd event, sponsored by SCV; and David O. Dodd Camp, #619, SCV:

•This year’s Event will fall on the date of David O. Dodd’s death- January 8th - 146 years ago. With this being the first year of the Sesquicentennial of the War Between the State WE NEED TO SHOW UP IN MASS!!

ATM Commander W. Danny Honnoll will MC the event.

Mikah Wisner and Mike Lewis of the 1st Ark Militia will be in command of the Arkansas reenactors.

Those wanting to join the march should be at the MacArthur Park at 10:30 to form ranks. Civilians who wish to walk with the uniformed squad are welcome.

A second squad will form at Mt. Holly for those who do not wish to march the mile to the cemetery and fall in with the first squad coming from the Arsenal.

The ceremony itself will start at 12:00 near Dodd’s grave.

Everyone attending the Memorial is invited to bring a rose, carnation, or wreathes to honor the grave site. There will be a presentation after the Firing Ceremony.

Everyone will be asked to clean up afterward picking up papers etc. One last thing, we appreciate your parking outside the cemetery. It is a little crowded inside and hard to march.

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The Executive Council will meet at 1:30 at the Whole Hog Café on Cantrell Ave in Little Rock (This way everyone can come eat and as soon as we finish eating we can have or meeting) after the end of the Dodd Ceremony. We have little business to conduct, so if you have any items for the meeting let me know. We will also ask for reports from the Brigades and Camp Commanders.

Always Remember

Always Be Ready

W. Danny Honnoll Chief of Staff

Arkansas Division

Sons of Confederate Veterans

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