Friday, February 18, 2011

League of the South Lambasted At Hearing Of U.S. financial Services Committee

From The League of the South:

League of the South Statement

League of the South Lambasted at Hearing of U.S. House Financial Services Committee

15 February 2011

On Wednesday, 9 February, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) chaired his first meeting of the House Financial Services Committee in the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, DC. The subject was the Federal Reserve and U.S. unemployment. Among those testifying before Congressman Paul's committee was economist/historian Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo, Professor at Loyola University (Maryland). Dr. DiLorenzo is a former Fellow in the League of the South Institute and was an instructor at some of our summer institutes in the 1990s.

Among the members of the House Financial Services Committee was one William Lacy Clay (D-Missouri) who, in questioning the credentials of Dr. DiLorenzo, brought up the latter's connections to The League of the South.

Rep. Clay then went on to say that the League is an organization that "calls the U.S. government 'an organized criminal enterprise.'"

League President, Dr. Michael Hill noted: “Congressman Clay, while accurate in his statement, failed to put his comment in the proper context. The League of the South has pointed out for many years the corruption in Washington, the failure of the US government to operate within the bounds of the Constitution, and the utter abandonment of the Principles that led to the creation of American Liberty. Indeed, the effects of these corrupt and failed policies on our liberty and prosperity and that of our children and grandchildren are criminal. We encourage Congressman Clay and the other 434 Congressmen to immediately correct their failure to execute their duty. In summary, the words Congressman Clay chose to use are sadly true, and we are pleased he has at least taken note. We hope, for the sake of those who have to live under this regime, that this will be a catalyst for positive change.”

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