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Sons of Confederate VeteransMarch 14, 2012   

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(Atlanta - March 14, 2012)  The Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans announced today that it is launching a statewide radio campaign to educate the public about the events of 1862 as part of its ongoing effort to commemorate the Sesquicentennial celebration of the War Between the States. 

At the heart of the radio campaign is a series of ten new history segments which will broadcast on radio stations across the state over the remainder of 2012.  The radio commercials each commemorate specific events which took place exactly 150 years ago this year during the War Between the States, also known as the War for Southern Independence.  The commercials deal with some of the major battles of the War from 1862 such as The Battle of Fredericksburg and the Battle of Shiloh; but they also highlight the technological breakthrough of the Confederacy which produced the first successful modern ironclad ship in naval warfare, the CSS Virginia.  Another of the ten radio spots recalls the atrocities committed against Southerners by Union forces including the infamous "Beast" Butler who commanded Northern troops during the Yankee occupation of New Orleans.  Finally, events specific to Georgia history are included such as the heroic defense of Fort Pulaski in Savannah by the Georgia militia in the face of intense fire during the first assault of a masonry fort by rifled cannon.

All ten of the new history segments are available for listening or as downloads at the Georgia Division website as part of an ongoing educational effort to commemorate the people, causes, and events of the War.  The general public is invited to make use of the many online educational materials made available free of charge by the Georgia Sons of Confederate Veterans.

To listen to the new radio commercials of the Sons of Confederate Veterans or for other information related to the Sesquicentennial commemoration of the War Between the States, please contact Georgia Division Commander Jack Bridwell at 1-866-SCV-in-GA or online at


Ray McBerry Enterprises is the public relations firm for the Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans.  

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