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ATM Sunday Message


ATM Sunday Message

September 26, 2010

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Are We Ready?

It is a natural impulse for men to be moved with compassion for their country and forefathers. There is nothing evil, there is nothing sinful or wrong in the thoughts that fill our hearts. It is only natural to feel resentment and anger toward a tyrannical government and the willfully ignorant whipping the memory of our brave Confederate ancestors and trying to destroy our proud Southern heritage. And, it is only natural that we feel the surge of righteous ambition against those who oppose the truth. However, we may also feel a dull sense of futility, as though we are beating the air or trying to joust with windmills.

Many of us are committed to the mission of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, but this very commitment may be the reason for our feeling of futility. You see, we must first commit ourselves to God. God is the Lord of all, and He is completely able to assume His own responsibilities and accomplish His aims. Where we fail, He is able to succeed. God does not need us. We need God!

This nation was founded by Christian men to be a nation “under God,” and God is perfectly capable of taking care of those who would usurp His authority. And, He will. Too often we organize, promote, work, and spend God out of our business, and then ask for His blessings.

If we are to achieve victory over those who oppose us and our just Cause we must follow our God. The challenge we hear so often today is “Do more! Give more! Be more!” But God says, “Be still and know that I am God.” In other words, quit the panic; quit beating the air; quit jousting with windmills, and just let God be God. In Psalms 144:1, the Scripture says, “Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.”

Are we ready, as a Confederation, to come to the point where we realize that all we can produce, at our best, is ashes? Are we ready to come to the place where we can accept ourselves for what we are: Helpless without Him? Are we ready to commit ourselves to God and follow His guidance and direction? Are we ready to stand firmly on the field of battle knowing that our God is leading us to victory?

Are we ready to put God at the head of our lives, our homes, our businesses, and at the head of the Sons of Confederate Veterans? If so, then we are ready.

Brother Len Patterson, Th.D

Chaplain, Army of Trans-Mississippi

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