Monday, September 27, 2010

Whining Yankee Leftists Know The South Is Wrong

From SLM News Blog:

Sep 26, 2010 (2 days ago)Whining Yankee leftists 'know' South is wrongfrom SLMNews Blog by PalmettoPatriot'There is little disagreement among [Yankee and government-indoctrinated] professional historians that the South’s effort to maintain the institution of slavery was the central reason that 11 Southern states seceded from the Union and civil war [sic] erupted. Yet the Civil War [sic] is taught in New York differently than the way it is taught in Tennessee [oh, the horror!].

Northerners will attribute the cause of the war to slavery. But in many places in the South, the answers vary: states’ rights, freedom, political and economic power. Some teachers in the South still call the war “The War Between the States” rather than the Civil War [sic].'

Notice how Yankees worry that everyone everywhere is not being taught exactly the same thing in their local government indoctrination centers. Their experts 'agree' that we are wrong, bigoted, evil, etc. and then demand that we teach our children what they agree upon. Everything everywhere has to be done just as they do things. We must even refer to things by the names that they choose. Such is the Yankee mentality. We see it displayed not just in their attempt to brow-beat Southern school children, but in their effort to militarily and every other way dominate the world. For example, tribesmen on the other side of the planet must adopt the Yankee model of democracy. Yankees, confident in their superiority and driven to re-make the planet, forever worry that the entire world is not exactly as they are.

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