Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Virginia Governor McDonnell Turns His Back On Confederate Heritage Month

From SLM News Blog:

2:14 PM (9 hours ago)McDonnell turns his back on Confederate heritagefrom SLMNews Blog by PalmettoPatriot'Bob McDonnell, the Republican governor of Virginia, announced Friday morning that he will not declare next April "Confederate History Month."'

Anyone who still thinks the GOP is friendly towards the South (which gives it almost unconditional support at the ballot box) is delusional. This is a party that was born as an explicitly anti-South party meant to represent Northern interests. Look at the traitor McDonnell for a good indication of the nature of the Republican Party leadership - not much has changed since 1860 with the GOPers. At their best, they are spineless politicos who certainly don't make the culture and heritage of the South a priority.

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