Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lincoln Lovers/Worshippers

Nothing brings out the crazies more than an entry about Lincoln the Tyrant.  If you read my online notebook, where I collect articles of interest and offer them to be shared by interested readers, you are welcome to submit constructive, informed comments.  It is the profanity-laced, the deranged and unhinged comments that I will not publish.  The Lincoln lover commenters, to a man, so far, have been the of the unhinged, uninformed category who are unwilling to see any truth in any criticism of the man who destroyed the Constitution and Federalism, who is responsible for the deaths of over 600,000 soldiers and uncounted civilians, who is responsible for the destruction and loss of property on the order of trillions of dollars in today's debased currency, who invaded the South because he didn't know who would be left to pay the tarriffs that were used to subsidize the North for decades, who arrested tens of thousands of men who opposed the war, who suspended the basic right of habeus corpus, who prevented Maryland from seceding by imprisoning its legislature, who ended the freedom to the press for any newspaper that didn't support him, and on and on.  The latest unhinged commenter accused Robert E. Lee of war crimes, which is beyond farce.  It is President Lincoln who is responsible for untold numbers of war crimes, by making war upon the South, by sanctioning Sherman's March, and on and on.  It was not the South committing war crimes, it was the North.  Other commenters show the quality of their education by claiming the war was only about slavery.  It wasn't.  Even Lincoln admitted that.  He went to war to preserve the Union, a Union of the South paying most of the taxes, a Union of the South held in an unfair trade relationship, a Union controlled by big money interests.  Lincoln said he would not fight a war to free a single slave.  Lincoln said he would fight to keep the Southern States so that taxes would be available to the government.  The Emancipation Proclamation was a cynical attempt to sway opinions abroad, and only "freed" slaves in States in rebellion, not slaves anywhere else.  I could go on, but the Lincoln worshippers/lovers have not even read this far, so I'm wasting space.

Lincoln lovers/worshippers are asked to not waste my time with comments that won't be published.  You are welcome to start your own online notebook, and collect articles reflecting your warped sense of history.  I don't blame you too much, as you are only products of your education, an education that most likely only had "social studies" and not any history, an education consisting of unchallenged Northern propaganda when the South and the War Between the States is concerned. 

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