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The Lincoln Myth, Part II: The Tyrant

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The Lincoln Myth, Part II: The Tyrant

Posted on August 20, 2010

by Admin

A month ago, I wrote a blog titled “The Lincoln Myth, Part I: The Racist”, which can be found here. I caught a lot of flack in my personal life because of it and many of my liberal friends, and even some conservative ones, found the article hard to swallow, even though it was primarily made up of quotes directly from Lincoln himself. Well, in the wake of that post, I figured I’d write a follow up analyzing the tyranny that Lincoln practiced. I am, of course, prepared for more alienation from “friends” and colleagues for force-feeding facts that no one wants to ingest.

First of all, Lincoln’s tyranny is pretty blatantly on display in many of his racist quotes that I provided in the first part of this series of blogs. He never really fought for the black-American and really just wanted to unify the United States whether it affected non-white races or not. However, since that has already been discussed in some detail, let me move on to some other examples of Lincoln’s tyranny. You, the reader, should go back and check out that first blog though, if you haven’t yet.

One of the most horrific examples of Lincoln the tyrant is when he suspended habeas corpus in Maryland and areas of the Midwest in 1861. Chief Justice Roger B. Taney declared Lincoln’s suspension of habeas corpus to be unconstitutional when the Supreme Court called for Maryland secessionist John Merryman to be brought before the Supreme Court and the request was denied by Lincoln and the Union. Lincoln and the Union leadership ignored Taney’s declaration and continued to violate the constitutional rights of citizens all while doing whatever they wanted as the country was under Lincoln’s martial law. Further expanding his tyranny in regards to habeas corpus, Lincoln officially suspended it nationwide on September 24th, 1862. Homeboy was off his rocker and a bit of a Sith.

Abraham Lincoln also jailed thousands of Americans who he felt were going to vote for Democratic candidates. Many Democrats who were anti-Civil War were also jailed, thus making Lincoln a dickbag. Lincoln forced citizens to follow his rule, complete his agenda and used the threat of taking their freedom away to get what he wanted by whatever means he deemed necessary. Lincoln robbed Americans of their freedom to vote and their freedom to speak out and protest what they deemed wrong with this country. Lincoln obviously couldn’t handle criticism yet somehow, he is a highly regarded martyr. By the way, the criminal charge that Lincoln gave for Democratic voters was “polluting the ballot box”. If only Andrew Jackson were alive to kick Honest Abe’s nuts in.

Expanding on his hatred of Democrats, Lincoln also jailed several Democrats who were elected to Congress in order to keep the anti-war sentiment to a minimum. He didn’t want any negative Nancies running around rallying the people against Lincoln’s tyrannical madness. Thus, the Rebel Alliance was born.

Before Lincoln’s iron-fisted rule, there was nothing wrong with states that wanted to secede from America. Lincoln ended that and made secession a form of high-treason and pretty much an act of war. Several states had attempted secession before Lincoln’s rule and none of them had been found in violation of the law. In actuality, secession was a right that states had. If you didn’t want to be a part of the big party, you could opt out. That was the glorious thing about state’s having their own rights that were supposed to take precedence over the Federal Government. Obviously, somewhere along the way, this has all changed. Lincoln was the catalyst of the states losing their rights and being absorbed by the giant beast. Secession was always an option and Darth Douche forcibly took that option off of the table. Welcome to the party! Oh, we didn’t tell you that it was a lock-in?

Lincoln’s tyranny knew no bounds. Not only did he jail Southern sympathizers but Lincoln also had many of them executed, simply for the fact that their views could spread like cancer and kill his efforts at shaping the country into what he wanted it to be. His bloodlust also affected the Sioux Indians in what is considered the largest mass hanging in American history. Lincoln had 38 Sioux Indians hung in Minnesota because his administration didn’t live up to their side of the treaties established with the Indian Nations, which forced the Sioux Indians to steal eggs from Americans just so they could eat. Originally, 303 Sioux Indians were ordered to be hung but Lincoln reduced the number, as he didn’t want to upset our European allies. How thoughtful and diplomatic of him.

Lincoln is often regarded as the greatest president ever and as a hero to blacks and a man who fought for civil liberties and upheld the Constitution and the ideals of our Founding Fathers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Lincoln was a racist, a tyrant and only out for his own interests and evil agenda. Lincoln destroyed liberty, set this country up to be violated by its future leaders and spit in the face of the Founding Fathers. Abraham Lincoln is the type of tyrant that the Founding Fathers freed us from and warned us about. Unfortunately, Lincoln’s power was too great and those who opposed him were forcibly shut up as he spread his own positive propaganda and wrote history in his favor. The cherry on top is when John Wilkes Booth murdered the douchebag and made him into a martyr.

The reality of Lincoln is not what is taught in the propaganda mills called public schools. The reality of Lincoln is dark and sprinkled with historical fraud. The pollution of our true history is at it’s highest levels in everything that surrounds Lincoln and his reign. He has been deified through rewritten history and half-truths and the people accept it without looking into it for themselves. No one is an infallible godlike entity. Honest Abe my ass. Homie was anything but honest. Look into it for yourselves if you don’t believe the words I’ve typed here. There will be even more on Lincoln in a third blog written fairly soon. Stay tuned.

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