Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Arkansas Toothpick Announces New Feature: Arkansas Civil War Military Action Alert System

From The Arkansas Toothpick:

Arkansas Toothpick Announces New Feature: Arkansas Civil War Military Action Alert System

January 31, 2012 By: admin Category: 150th Anniversary Projectarkansas civil warArkansas Civil War
Arkansas In The Civil WarThe Arkansas Toothpick features a special alert feature notiffying our readers of a significant military event on that specific day throughout the entirity of the War Between the States in Arkansas.
As 1862 begins, Arkansas has been virtually untouched and unscarred by War. From now until the end of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, readers will be notified of any military engagements. Be the first one in your office to be able to note what happened on that day durinrg the War! To be notified on the day of any military event in Arkansas, of which there were nearly a thousand, subscribe to the Arkansas Toothpick! Subscriptions are free and you will get military updates right into your email!
Legend: Throughout the next few yers, readers will become educated on various types of militaria durinrg the War. For example, the differences between a battle and a skirmish, etc. The follow may help the Toothpick’s audience distinguish one f rom the other:
Battle: a prolonged combat involving large armies
Engagement: a general encounter between armies, or a minor encounter between smaller forces
Skirmish: a small encounter, usually incidental to a larger military movement
Action: active, frequently sharp, offensive and defensive movements; the term affair simply means a fight.
Reconnaissance: an examination of a territory to gain information; a scout is much the same
Expedition: a journey for a specific purpose
Operation: a complete military action or mission of some kind
Demonstration: an exhibition of force
Siege: is a continued attempt to gain possession of a place

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