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New Arkansas Civil War Silver Coins Feature Cleburne and CSS Arkansas

From The Arkansas Toothpick:

New Arkansas Civil War Silver Coins Feature Cleburne and CSS Arkansas

February 06, 2012 By: admin Category: arkansas civil warArkansas Civil WarNews
Arkansas In The Civil WarA new program is available to generate income for the Arkansas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans; The Sesquicentennial Coin Series. These are collector coins for the 13 Confederate States.
Arkansas’ coin features the Irish-born General Patrick R. Cleburne and the obverse features the Ram CSS Arkansas! These are real silver coins, not just silver-colored or silver plated! A marketing strategy has been developed, that allows divisions to share in the profits without any investment.
If you interested in these coins, go to to view the selections. If you reserve a coin(s), simply enter AR in the promotional code and the Arkansas Division will receive $12 for each coin purchased.
This is the one for Arkansas and Cleburne – You can get one or the whole set!!!
This is an excellent way for our division to receive much needed funds, as well as an investment you can make for yourself. Please share this information with anyone you know that might be interested; anyone can purchase the coins, they do not have to be an SCV member, but must use the promo code for the division to benefit.
Please take the time to view the coins at and reserve yours today, if you are so inclined.
Arkansas Civil War Coin

New Arkansas Civil War Coin (Solid Silver- reserve yours today!)

February 05, 2012 By: admin Category: arkansas civil warArkansas Civil WarNews
Arkansas In The Civil WarThe CSA Sesquicentennial Commemorative Coin Collection is here! Now is the opportunity to honor the contribution of each state in the Confederacy, as well as acquire a valuable keepsake from this significant and profound period of historical observance.
These 1 oz. coins are beautiful – minted with a glossy finish and bearing 3-D images. They are made, 100%, of .999 purity silver, not merely plating or overlay, with each coin being serially numbered (only 3000 of each state). They are encased in a protective capsule and will arrive in a black velvet box with their certificate of authenticity.
This product is unique – you will not find a similar collection being offered for sale today. The images on each coin are original artwork inspired by you, the men of the SCV, and brought to life by renowned commercial artist Richard Portner. The depiction of your history required the highest quality production, so we chose the services of The Highland Mint, makers of numerous high-profile commemoratives, such as World Series and Super Bowl coins.
A single coin is yours for ONLY $99! No tax, shipping or handling need be added to your order.
Now, here is the most important part of this offer. All proceeds from this program will go to the work of the SCV and YOUR division can participate in the revenue sharing! This is available to ALL divisions, not just the 13 states of the Confederacy.
Go to our website,, and view the coins. You’ll see their images, front and back, as well as the stories behind them. You’ll also want to view the video hosted by SC Division Commander and former Adjutant-in-chief Mark Simpson.
As you enter the website, you’ll be greeted by the Premium Collection, a presentation of all 13 coins arrayed in the familiar Southern Cross formation, reminiscent of the Battle Flag. Each coin will carry a consistent serial number and will be placed in a handcrafted wooden display case. This product is the maximum experience of the CSA Sesquicentennial Commemorative Coin Collection.
On the reservation form you will be asked for a Promotional Code. This is nothing more than your state’s two-character postal code (i.e. AL, NC, TX, etc.). For each coin purchased using your code, your division will earn $12. Furthermore, for each 500 coin orders with your code, your division will receive a $1000 BONUS.
So, get the word out and start earning funds for your division! Link to our website… use your division and camp newsletters… prepare fliers… be creative. Help us to market this one-of-a-kind product well beyond the bounds of the SCV. Earn revenue on ANY purchase, not just those from SCV members. Make the Sesquicentennial memorable for you and a financial success for your division. Visit today!
Arkansas In The Civil War

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