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Civil War Bumper Stickers

From 19th Century History:

Civil War Bumper Stickers

By , Guide   February 13, 2012
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Bumper stickers did not exist during the Civil War, of course. But portable expressions of patriotism did, in the form of envelopes bearing illustrations and slogans.
Capitalizing on patriotic feelings in the North, printers sold thousands of envelopes bearing images of soldiersflagseagles, and other patriotic symbols, such as the goddess-like figure of Columbia.
The fad for such envelopes seems to have started with the first hostilities in 1861. One of the earliest incidents to take on heroic status, the death of Col. Elmer Ellsworth, inspired notable examples of patriotic envelopes.
The use of embellished envelopes continued throughout the war, and countless designs were created and manufactured. A gallery of images, highlights of a collection of Civil War envelopes at the Library of Congress, showcases some surprising examples of portable patriotism.
Vintage images: Civil War Envelopes
Illustration: Depiction of Columbia on a Civil War era envelope/Library of Congress

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