Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brownsville, South Carolina: Confederate Flag Triggers Planned Civil Rights March

From SLM News Blog:

Oct 12, 2010 (14 hours ago)Confederate flag may trigger marchfrom SLMNews Blog by PalmettoPatriot'More than 200 people have signed a petition to protest a resident flying the Confederate battle flag in the historically black Brownsville community. More than 50 are expected to pack a Town Council meeting Wednesday as organizers present it, said District 1 Civic Association President Dexter Mack

And the association has asked the town for a permit to hold a community "civil rights" style march Saturday down the street in front of the home where the flag is flying. Town planning and public safety officials are reviewing the permit application and a decision is expected later in the week, said Charlie Miller, planning director. But he did not immediately see a reason why the application would be turned down.'

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