Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Washington Post Applauds Virginia Governor McDonnell's Betrayal

From SLM News Blog:

Applauding the traitorfrom SLMNews Blog by PalmettoPatriotThe Washington Post strongly supports VA Governor McDonnell's turn against Confederate heritage. Check out this hateful rhetoric from them. You can practically see the saliva and contempt dripping from the words...

'Gov. Bob McDonnell deserves applause for fully confessing past error and scrapping Confederate History Month in Virginia. Now the question is whether the rest of the state Republican Party will follow his admirable lead in explicitly repudiating the secessionists' long-ago fight to defend slavery.

So far, the answer is mixed. State Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli won't say a word on the topic. That's striking, because he usually rushes to speak out on any available issue, especially the contentious ones. His silence could be a gesture of sympathy to racist parts of the conservative base still nostalgic for the Lost Cause.'

The only part of any value in this article was this line. The sad truth. Much of old Virginia is gone, taken over and replaced by people who have no connection to or love for her - people with very alien values to our own.

'The political shift comes partly in response to demographic changes. The state, especially in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads, increasingly draws residents from around the country and the world who lack roots in Virginia's past.'

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