Thursday, October 28, 2010

An Inconvenient Truth: The Case For Texas Secession

From The Ohio Republic:

Thursday, October 28, 2010A darned inconvenient truth

Daniel Miller of the Texas Nationalist Movement lays out the case for secession about as plainly as it can be laid out. After cataloguing the excesses of the federal government, he writes this:

So What Is It Going To Take?

The Founders of Texas declared independence from Mexico for far less and sacrificed way more. The Founders of the United States declared independence for far less and sacrificed way more. The people of France took to the streets for far less and sacrificed way more.

It is time for you to make a decision. Either you want to: “A” live like this or you want something better. Either you or perfectly fine with the ride the federal government is taking you or you want to be rid of it. Either you want to exist in bondage or you want to “B” live free and independent. There is no "Option C". There is no compromise option. There is no middle ground. There is only slavery and tyranny or freedom and liberty.

If you fail to choose, you have chosen. We either create history or it will be created for us.

Years from now, you will have the opportunity to explain this period in our history to the generations yet to come. When they ask you what you did when Texas became a Republic again, are you going to tell them that you couldn't take off of work? Are you going to tell them that you missed out because the Cowboys game was on? Are you going to tell them that a pizza or a case of beer was more important?

If you ignore this call to join with the Texas Nationalist Movement, then never, ever complain about the federal government again. Never complain about Obama, Pelosi, Reid or any of their successors. Never complain about taxes, inflation, unemployment or immigration. When the banks run out of money, don't complain. When your job goes to an illegal alien, don't complain. When your money becomes worthless, don't complain. When the price of food goes sky high, don't complain.

And whatever you do, never insult the French. They at least did something that you were unwilling to do for far less.

However, if you are ready to join with me and other Texans who are ready to give everything and sacrifice all to live for a cause, then I welcome you and embrace you as my countrymen.

Respectfully submitted to the Citizens of Texas this 26th day of October 2010.

Daniel Miller, President

Texas Nationalist Movement

Liberty-minded Ohioans are hoping for election results next Tuesday that will strengthen our voice in the General Assembly and the Congress. I voted, and I hope we are right. But if we're not, then what?

I have advocated taking the nullification route first; but we must start preparing for the step after that. As a certain Columbus-based insurance company would say, "Life comes at you fast." Like it or not, ready or not, the revolution will soon be upon us. What we do in the next few months will determine whether or not we deserve to live in a free society.

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