Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Washington: An Organized Criminal Enterprise

From League of the South:

Washington - An Organized Criminal Enterprise

23 October 2010

In the wake of the League’s 17th annual national conference, we believe it is time to restate the obvious for those who still don’t “get it” yet: the US government in DC is an organized criminal enterprise. Despite being founded on the “principle” of limited government, it has its tentacles in virtually every aspect of our lives all over our beloved Southland. It has become Godless and is rapidly approaching bankruptcy. Something must be done quickly to free us from this monster.

Don’t tell us to wait until the November elections—the GOP is not our savior. Rather, it is only the other side of a counterfeit coin. After all, who started this corrupt bailout business in September 2008 in the first place? Obama was merely a candidate at the time, though he has certainly continued to advance the Bush policies of allowing the banksters to continue their crime spree unabated.

The "Tea Party", while showing some promise in the beginning, is now being predictably absorbed by status quo Republican politicians. These are people who think reducing government spending by a meager 1-3% is acceptable, but they aren’t even serious about accomplishing that much. It is all a ruse to get re-elected, and unfortunately the bulk of “conservative” America will fall for it yet again.

The Republican Party’s “Pledge to America” is another fraud that is carefully written not to set measurable goals or bind the Republicans to any sort of consequences if (or more accurately, when) they fail to fulfill their promises. A major GOP victory in November will be a devastating setback because conservative voters will think they have “won.” Consequently, they will continue to serve the Federal regime while they wait in vain for their anointed Republicans to bring some kind of meaningful reform to Washington, D.C. Even if today’s Republicans were to faithfully deliver on every single principle mentioned in their “pledge," it would only be a fraction of what needs to done. It would take many decades of sweeping electoral victories in both houses of Congress and the presidency to undo the monstrosity that has been created over a period of 150 years in D.C. Oh, and let’s not forget that all of this will also require the blessing of the US Supreme Court. These are events, of course, that will never occur in the current political system.

Finally, the mainstream Republican Party has no interest whatsoever in curbing the insatiable appetite of the United States government to occupy and control other nations. Irrational fear of the Islamic terror threat has prompted far too many Americans to endorse a perpetual military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, with the prospect of war with Iran and possibly Pakistan on the horizon as well. The magnitude of resources consumed by the war machine that is the US military will continue to drag down our economy; yet among all the outrage within the Tea Party and its supporters about government spending, we hear very little about reducing the US military presence in foreign lands.

We at the League of the South believe all peoples are entitled to the right of self-determination even those who do not share our Southern cultural values. The people of Iraq and Afghanistan should be free to decide for themselves what government they will have, just as the people in Dixie have the same God-given right. This is why we advocate peaceful separation from the United States government. In a free and independent South, although we would pity other Americans who remained subjects of the United States government, we would not set out to make enemies of them.

If we don’t begin thinking and acting “outside the box,” the establishment elite will continue to loot us with impunity and violate our rights at every turn. Indeed, their greed (with the assistance of our inaction and even complicity) has essentially destroyed our economy. Instead of trying once again to reform that which cannot be reformed (those who most need reforming control all meaningful avenues of reform), we need simply to leave DC behind. There is even less reason to “save the Union” today than there was 150 years ago when our ancestors fought to be free from it.

Yes, we’re talking about Southern independence NOW! The sooner we get off this sinking ship, the better. The policies conducted by the ruling elite in Washington, D.C. can only end in utter collapse, chaos, and extreme hardship on our future generations. Independence achieved now, although sure to be challenging and not without sacrifices, is infinitely preferable to the chaos that will ensue as the US inevitably self-destructs. We are confident that another bid for Southern independence in our own day will be more widely supported by other nations than it was in 1861. This international support will make it much more difficult for the United States to use military force to thwart our independence. The League of the South does not seek to exact revenge on the United States government in any way, and we seek independence that is free of bloodshed. Just like President Jefferson Davis said in 1861, “All we ask is to be let alone”.

If Southern independence sounds like a good idea to you, then help us. You can start by going to our website, and signing the online petition entitled “States Rights, Secession, and Big Government.” Leave your address so we can contact you. Also, we are preparing another petition that will be presented to the people of the Southern States face-to-face. It calls for immediate secession and independence by our various State governments. We will have it available soon, and it will be announced (and probably downloadable) on the website. We will need your help in acquiring signatures.

Moreover, we need you to join the League of the South. If you’re reading this and are not already a member, please join today. If you were once a member but let your membership slide, please re-join. If you are a member in good standing, then recruit your family and friends into our organization. We need numbers along with hardworking hands and minds.

We also need people who are not afraid to hear the truth and to proclaim it; that Southern independence is the only way short of a direct miracle from the Lord that we can save the South for future generations. I want my children and grandchildren to live free and prosperous in a free South. I’ll bet you feel the same way about yours. Let’s make it happen together right now! Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done.

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