Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stonewall Jackson Foundation To Now Be Affiliated With VMI; Robert E. Lee, In Memorium, 140 Years Later

From Old Virginia Blog:

12 October 2010

Stonewall Jackson Is GoingTo VMI

Well, actually, his house is:

"The Stonewall Jackson Foundation and the Virginia Military Institute have announced a proposal to transfer the assets and activities of the Stonewall Jackson House to VMI. Under the plan Stonewall Jackson’s house in downtown Lexington, and its collection of historic artifacts, would be administered and managed by the VMI Museum, whose operations include management of the New Market Battlefield State Historical Park."

The current economic conditions continue to take their toll.

More here.

And . . .

On this day, exactly 140 years ago, General Lee went to his Saviour:

At last, on October 12, daylight came. The watchers stirred and stretched themselves and made ready to give place to those who had obtained a little sleep. Out of the windows, across the campus, the students began to move about, and after a while they struggled down to the chapel to pray for him. Now it was 9 o'clock, and a quarter past. His old opponent, Grant, was sitting down comfortably to breakfast in the White House. With axe or saw or plough or pen, the veterans of Lee's army were in the swing of another day's work. For him it was ended, the life of discipline, of sorrow, and of service. The clock was striking his last half-hour. In some corner of his mind, not wrecked by his malady, he must have heard his marching order. Was the enemy ahead? Had that bayoneted host of his been called up once again to march through Thoroughfare Gap or around Hooker's flank or over the Potomac into Maryland . . . moving . . . moving forward? Or was it that the war was over and that peace had come? "Strike the tent," he said, and spoke no more. ~ from Douglas Southall Freeman's R E Lee.

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