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Just My Opinion

from Rebel With A Clue:

5:10 PM (5 hours ago)Just My Opinionfrom Rebel With A Clue by JimmyThose People keep throwing Racism and Slavery in our faces when we dare to display a Confederate Battle Flag in honor our forefathers and Southern Heritage. We display the Battle Flag or any of the other Confederate Flags with pride and teach our children the Truth as we have been taught regardless of what the “Good Ole Government Schools” choose to teach, and then we are suddenly labeled Racist.

The biggest problem we have here is “those people” are judging our Confederate ancestors on today's values. Slavery was a common practice in their time and they should be judged on how they treated each other and their slaves, for the ones that actually owned slaves, instead of condemning them as if they were living in today’s time. I also believe that God is the only one that should be judging anyone.

In my family the majority never owned slaves, the majority were just poor dirt farmers in the foothills of upstate South Carolina. The few that did own slaves from what I have learned took good care of them, a lot of these slaves took the family name and were buried in the family cemetery when they passed. These slaves did work hard as did most people in that time, when the War broke out a lot of these men chose to go fight for the Confederacy. Black, White, Hispanic, Indian, or whatever race, the Confederacy was made up of all, without being forced these people came together to fight for their rights and way of life against the outsiders who were denying them the right to secede from a Government they could not agree with.

Slavery was not an issue to the South, it seems to me it was made an issue by Lincoln when he realized that the South could actually win the War for Southern Independence. Lincoln and Grant were more interested in keeping slavery than anyone in the entire South.

If our Southern ancestors are going to be judged they should be judged on the time frame in which they lived. Our ancestors are getting a bad rap when they are judged on present day values. I do not agree with slavery or racism and from what I have learned I am proud of the way my family treated each other and also the way the few slaves were brought in and given a chance to raise their families in a situation where they didn't have to wonder where their next meal was coming from. These men did have to work hard for ends to meet, and that situation is not limited to only one race, all of us have had to struggle and over the years we seem to make it easier for the next generation no matter what color we are.

Most of us could not survive if we were put back into that time frame. The ones condemning the actions of our noble forefathers whether true or not on present day values, I know would have a whole new outlook on life if they were faced with the hardships of that time. Don’t get me wrong I do not agree with Racism, Hate, or Slavery, and I also do not agree on condemning someone for how they handled life 150 years ago against today’s standards. The ones who did choose to take advantage of and mistreat others have already been judged by The Good Lord and that is not up to us.

Deo Vindice

And more:

We are once again or should I say still in the middle of yet another battle defending our Noble Forefathers and or justifying the reasons of the War for Southern Independence aka Civil War. We are again debating amongst ourselves if secession is legal or if it is now a proper time to secede and the question of were our Forefathers right to do it when they did. All of this is so frustrating and it’s easier to walk away and avoid the fight rather than stand up and hear the usual lies once again.

I myself made the statement in my forum “Never argue with an idiot” I still believe this but there is more to the statement than it seems. Never back down when our Southern Heritage and Confederate Forefathers are being disgraced. Stand up as you always have and defend them with facts in the Polite Southern manner you were blessed with. Answer “those people” in a normal voice when they shout lies toward you at the top of their lungs and give them a few more facts to think about. Never lower yourself to their level because believe it or not people actually take in what is being said in a normal polite voice more so than statements that are being shouted. “The louder you talk the less I hear” After you have given all of your facts to discredit the lies being spread usually the person has silenced themselves and disappeared. If they are still shouting their lies at this point is when you realize you are talking with an idiot and it is time to move on. You have given answers to the contrary against all of their lies and they are still shouting. Your words were actually heard by people around and they are now wondering why they were listening to this idiot that is yelling. Your time will now be better used talking with someone else about our Southern Heritage than wasting your time on the one screaming.

Stand up for yourself and our Confederate Forefathers. The uneducated outbursts we all have heard are coming from people who need educated and we can’t force them to get that History lesson that will prove them wrong. Give them the opportunity to hear the Truth but if it is gong to be a screaming match “Never argue with an idiot”. Use your time and talents where they will be seen and heard. Don’t let the idiots bring us down to their level and make us look like something we are not. Too many of our Nobel Forefathers stood up for the cause of the Confederacy for it to have been wrong, Make them proud of us today by standing up for them and defend them with the honest and polite Confederate minded traits they passed down to you. As a good friend pointed out to me “Stand proud and be heard. Our ancestors are still watching”

Look back at some of these blogs, forums, or feedback posts to press and TV, and you will see there are actually more people on the side of the Truth as we were taught than there are idiots trying to disgrace our Southern Heritage. We are blessed to have a larger number of people standing up for our Confederate Forefathers than we realize. I feel blessed to be included with all of you and Thank you all for your efforts.

Add starLikeShareShare with noteEmailKeep unreadAdd tags5:10 PM (5 hours ago)Southern Heritage - Fighting Terrorism since 1861from Rebel With A Clue by JimmyIn 1861 we were invaded by and forced to fight terrorists from a country we had seceded from and contrary to popular belief the Constitution says we had a right to do so. After standing up for our Families and beliefs a large number of our Forefathers fought for and died under the Confederate Battle Flag in an attempt to defend our homeland. After being forced back into that country we have had to defend our honor against the very ones that forced us back. Now we stand next to the ones making fun of us and proudly defend and die for this country against foreign terrorists, we stand side by side with the ones who again make fun of our Heritage and throw remarks in our face like "You lost the war---Get over it" and they just seem to expect us to back down and accept their version no matter what we were taught. Terrorism we need to fight against foreign or domestic, we have to protect our homeland and families against outside forces that go against what we believe in, but a lot of time terrorism is being forced down our throats by people we are supposed to respect and trust. When someone is teaching our children untrue facts and trying to make their every thought Politically Correct in an attempt to not offend anyone and at the same time please everyone, this is just not realistic. The Truth is not politically correct and teaching our children political correctness is the same as spoon feeding them lies. I feel this terror is one we are not noticing and that really scares me.

I think we need to defend our country as long as we are a part of it, I don’t think we have to bow down to the PC crowd and accept the version of the History they are teaching our children at school, we need to honor our Ancestors and teach the Truth that was passed down to us, too many of our Noble Forefathers stood up for the cause for it to have been unjust. I don't always agree with our politicians and really believe they are a big part of the problem and less likely to be a part of the solution.

The terrorism that is trying to erase our Heritage started in 1861 and that Battle was lost but the War is only over when we give up and allow those politicians, PC'rs, and hate groups to erase our Southern Heritage and History. The cause our Confederate Ancestors stood up for will only seem unjust when we allow “those people” to overtake our thoughts and fall into the lies they are spreading to make the terror thrown onto our people look like it was the right thing to do. We have to stay the course in spite of what they throw at us. A good friend said “The amount of hate toward anyone and anything Confederate is often discouraging. It's like trying to hold back the tide with a bucket, and there are so few of us out there with buckets.” I know the ones of us with buckets will never give up and the terror I expect to see will be in the eyes of “those people” when they see what can be done with a few buckets of truth.

Deo Vindice

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