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The Declaration Of Southern Cultural Independence

From The League of the South (LOS):


26 September 2010

As the disintegrating entity known as The United States of America goes into the proverbial "dustbin of history" because of fiscal irresponsibility, greed, sloth, avarice, and apathy, we in The League of the South remind you all that over a decade ago we told you what was going to happen. In fact, in our Declaration of Southern Cultural Independence, we spoke on behalf of our people (most of whom were too busy to listen at that time) and warned them of what was ahead. If you are still today pinning your hopes on reforming Washington, DC, then please take a few minutes and read the words below. Then, if you still think the present system can and should be reformed, by all means get to work at it. For those of you who see that the DC system cannot be reformed, then we ask you to join with us in creating a Southern republic in which liberty and prosperity can thrive once again.

In short, we're asking you to begin thinking and acting "outside the box." On the one hand, if you stay in the current box, which the corrupt Establishment wants you to do, you will go down with the current system. On the other, if you indeed step out of that box, you will see opened up before you the possibilities of a bright future for you and your progeny. The choice is yours--stay in the old box or jump out. We hope the words below will help you determine which way to go.



(Issued at Montgomery 2000)

"We, as citizens of the sovereign States of the South, proclaim before Almighty God and before all nations of the earth, that we are a separate and distinct people, with an honourable heritage and culture worthy of protection and preservation. Standing in the very place where our President Jefferson Davis stood in 1861, we declare that Southerners are entitled, like all peoples, to self-determination. Looking ahead to the time when political self-determination is a reality, we hereby pledge ourselves to the preservation of our culture in preparation for, and in the fervent hope of, the coming of that day.

To this end, we exhort all Southerners to abjure the realm of the American Empire that now threatens the liberties of our families and communities, and of the corrupt and sterile national culture that pervades this land. The national culture of the United States is violent and profane, coarse and rude, cynical and deviant, and repugnant to the Southern people and to every people with authentic Christian sensibilities. Purveyors of the national culture have everywhere lowered standards of morality and debased human dignity. They have appealed to mankind's worst impulses through profanity and obscenity in the arts and literature; they have depicted decadence and debauchery as normal and desirable; they have distorted Southern symbols and denied our right to interpret or display those symbols; they have assumed the authority of parents in the areas of religion and education; they thus have driven a wedge between the generations; they have prostituted all areas of thought and learning for market share; they have demonised Southern heroes and canonised tyrants and war criminals; they have distorted Southern history to advance their ideas of social justice; they thus have driven a wedge between the races and regions; they have destroyed hope; they have spread despair; they have called good evil and evil good; they have everywhere substituted the opinions of men for the decrees of God.

We, as Southerners, will, as far as possible, decline to participate in this alien, national culture. Rather, we shall seek to defend and perpetuate our noble heritage and be of service to our people. In doing so, we will emulate our great heroes--Washington, Jefferson, Henry, Calhoun, Davis, Lee, and Jackson, among others. In an attempt to preserve Southern language, speech, manners, music, literature, tradition, thought, custom, and faith, we pledge to cooperate economically to build and sustain our separate educational and cultural institutions. We intend regional and local action; pledging blood, treasure, and sacred honour, we shall starve the national malignance and nourish the goodness close at hand.

Our cultural inheritance is not based upon the abstract slogans, armed doctrines, and sanctified greed that characterizes the present American regime. Instead, it is based on the permanent things that order and sustain life: faith, family, tradition, community, and private property; loyalty, courage, and honour. Cut off from these permanent things, the South will become only a point on the compass, and our descendants will justifiably curse us for the destruction of their noble heritage.

To our Southern forebears the triune God gave the inspiration and wisdom to create a confederated, constitutional republic based on the principle of local self-government and sustained by a vibrant and vital cultural heritage. We consider our heritage a sublime and unmerited blessing and we cherish it. Today it is threatened as never before by the godless national culture of death, supported by an overbearing government that acknowledges no limits to its power.

We reaffirm the cultural inheritance of our honourable forefathers and declare to the world our intention to defend and preserve it. The preservation of historic cultures--especially those that establish liberty--has never been cheap or easy. We hereby proclaim to the world that the struggle to protect and advance our Southern cultural heritage begins in earnest today...Henceforth, we shall stand steadfast in defense of our inheritance as free men and women of the South, and we welcome all who share our principles to stand with us.

As witness to our intent, we affix our signatures to this Declaration of Southern Cultural Independence...invoking the blessings of our Lord, Jesus Christ, on a just cause."

(Please note British orthography used in Declaration)


Statement issued by Dr. Michael Hill of Killen, Alabama. He can be reached for further comment at (256) 757-6789 or by email


League of the South Statement

15 September 2010

On Saturday, 28 August, we witnessed--in the flesh--a false dichotomy in Washington, DC. To paraphrase a prominent Southern statesman, George Wallace - "There isn't a dime's worth of difference ..."

On one side, we have Al Sharpton and his cohorts screaming and shouting to "Reclaim the Dream" of Martin Luther King, Jr. On the other, we find Glenn Beck doing the very same thing. So we have American “lefties” and “righties” both claiming the legacy of MLK, Jr.

George Wallace was of course right, and because of the failed polices of both the lefties and righties a dime today buys only a fraction of what it did during George's day.

We also see both of these factions conducting meetings at the shrine to out-of-control big government, the Lincoln Memorial. We at the League of the South implore the attendees of the Beck rally to honestly question the legend of “Honest Abe” and take some time to uncover the truth behind the Lincoln myth. Thomas DiLorenzo has written two excellent books on the subject, and Lew Rockwell’s “King Lincoln Archive” is a vast resource for those interested in discovering the real legacy of Abraham Lincoln. We also have similar resources available here at; just visit the Merchandise link to your left.

For sixteen years The League of The South has stated there is virtually no meaningful difference between mainstream conservatives and liberals or between Republicans and Democrats. This latest exhibition demonstrates that false dichotomy. Yes, both Al Sharpton and Glenn Beck have a dream as did their heroes Lincoln and King; but their dreams do not match and are at odds with the dream of the Southern people, which is to restore the principles of our Founding Fathers.

The mainstream brand of conservatism served up by Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin doesn't actually conserve anything except socialist gains from previous generations. Their talk of belief in limited and constitutional government is rendered insincere and hypocritical when they pay homage to the man (Lincoln) who brought about the end of our Constitutional Republic, while openly violating the Constitution many times during the process.

Beck and Palin want you to go out and vote for Republicans in November. The problem is when Republicans are in power, they are never serious about repealing the past successes of leftists. The Republicans had a golden opportunity to reduce the scope of Federal power during the 1990s and they utterly squandered it. George W Bush also demonstrated very little interest in limiting the Federal government during his two terms, and in fact he expanded it. This is all because Republicans and the special interests behind them are vested in the “status quo” and have no genuine intention to return the Federal government to its constitutional limits. After all, in doing so they would be forfeiting so much of the power and prestige that drew them to Washington, D.C. in the first place.

The Beck-Palin movement will lure many well-meaning conservatives to the same place the marching band ended up in the homecoming parade in the movie "Animal House"--down a blind, dead-end alley. However, we at the League of the South are optimistic that the true values of many folks within that movement are more closely aligned with the cultural and political principles endorsed by the League than they realise.

If you are an open minded supporter of the Beck-Palin movement, we urge you to consider The League of the South. We think you might like our uncompromising stand for the principles upon which our country was founded and for a real solution to our problems--Southern independence.


Statement issued by Michael Hill and Mike Crane, for The League of the South Board of Directors email

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